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LOTD video 1996
Japan Tour 2001
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Michael Flatley's
Lord of the Dance

創作・振り付け・演出・監督 Michael Flatley
作曲家 Ronan Hardiman
ダンス監督 Marie Duffy-Messenger

PROGRAM 演目 - Thanks to the MIKEroCosm

1. Cry of the Celts
2. Suil a Ruin
3. Celtic Dreams
4. Warriors
5. Gypsy
6. Strings of Fire
7. Strip Jig/Breakout
8. Warlords
9. Erin, the Goddess
10. Lord of the Dance
1. Dangerous Games
2. Hell's Kitchen
3. Spirit Lament
4. Fiery Night
5. Violin Lament
6. Siamsa
7. Carrickfergus
8. Stolen Kiss
9. Nightmare
10. Duel
12.Planet Ireland

CHARACTER キャラクタ - from the official Lord of the Dance programs

The Lord of the Dance --- ロード・オブ・ザ・ダンス
Saoirse, The Irish Colleen --- ロード・オブ・ザ・ダンスの恋人
Don Dorcha, The Dark Lord --- ロード・オブ・ザ・ダンスに戦いを挑む闇のロード
Morrighan, The Tempress --- Saoirseからロード・オブ・ザ・ダンスを奪おうと誘惑する女
The Little Spirit --- 時空を越えロード・オブ・ザ・ダンスを守る妖精
Erin, The Goddess --- アイルランドの女神

The Clan of the Celts
The Warlords
The Warriors
The Girls of Ireland

CAST ダンサー 2003年6月現在 - Thanks to the MIKEroCosm

Troupe 1
The Lord of the Dance
Desmond Bailey
Damien O'Kane
Michael Edwards

Don Dorcha, the Dark Lord
Thomas Cunningham
Ciaran Devlin
Brendan McCarron

Saoirse, the Irish Colleen
Bernadette Flynn
Sarah Clarke
Alice Reddin
Ciara Scott

Morrighan, the Temptress
Kelly Hendry
Leigh Ann McKenna

The Little Spirit
Helen Egan

Erin the Goddess
Jennifer Curran

Cora Smyth
Theresa Bourke

The Troupe
Shaun Boyle
Damian Doherty
Nicholas Fallon
Cara Flowerdew
Chris Hannon
Louise Hayden
Geoff Hayes
Gerard Hayes
Lynn Henderson
Emma Holtham
Laura Jones
Katie Martin
Thomas Martin
Denis McAuley
Fiona McCafferty
Stephanie McCarron
Sean McNicholas
Mark Mulholland
Paul O'Brien
Angela O'Connor
Ciara Scott
Kevin Sherry
Martin Skehill
Martina Stewart
Dawn Tiernan
Ann Walsh

Troupe 2
The Lord of the Dance
Mark O'Donnell
Fergal McCrossan
Patrick McCarthy

Don Dorcha, the Dark Lord
Shaun Casey
Adam McSharry
Kevin O'Malley

Saoirse, the Irish Colleen
Louise Connolly
Amanda O'Toole

Morrighan, the Temptress
Josephine Brennan (Dance Captain)
MaryAnn Bakke

The Little Spirit
Sharron Murray

Erin the Goddess
Jennifer Hopkins

Michelle Bergin
Matt Mancuso

The Troupe
Carly Brooker
Debbie Carroll
Jenny Carroll
Marie Deehan
Brian Doherty
Maeve Donaghy
John Paul Fitzgerald
Kaitlin Goslee
Matt Gergurich
Anthony Holden
Dave Johnston
Justin Kotelnicki
Sean Martin
Mairead McCargo
Joseph Simpson
Colleen Slane
Aisling Toal
Byron Tuttle
Ciara Watt
Christine Wilton
Colin Worly

Troupe 3
The Lord of the Dance
Johnny Finnegan
David McCabe
Don McCarron

Don Dorcha, the Dark Lord
Paul Devers
Patrick Campbell
David McCabe

Saoirse, the Irish Colleen
Rebecca Brady
Sarah Manning
Niamh O'Brien
Tracy Smith

Morrighan, the Temptress
Ciara Lennon
Lauren Stapleton
Tara Stewart

The Little Spirit
Ashling Dunney

Erin the Goddess
Ashley Davis

Brenda Curtin
Maire Egan

The Troupe
Gillian Adams
Selina Breed
Cherie Butler
Liam Coleman
Ciaran Connolly
Brian Corrigan
James Crawford
Laura Delargy
Barry John Gallagher
Elizabeth Gergurich
Heather Gordon
Jason Gorman
Terence Martin
Gavin McAuley
Owen McAuley
Sinead McCarron
Aisling Murphy
Brian McEntaggart
Michelle McGonnell
Aoibheann O'Brien
Bill O'Hara
Ivor Rice
Raymond Sweeney
Joseph Taylor
Darinagh White
Robert Wilson

T2Erin役にColette Toddさんの名前が! RD2000日本公演でメインシンガーをつとめ RD最新ビデオにも出ていた彼女でしょうか?! 確かにRDのキャストネームに名前がないのできっとそうかも!
2002年11月の情報で、T1 Lord役で2001年日本公演でも人気のあったStephen Scariffは、ブダペストの大学で勉強中のため一時退団、T2 LordのMichael EdwardsがT1に移籍、Pamela Burnsと怪我をしたStephanie McCarronは退団ということです。

by Keito

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